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Since 2017, UBIQ Aerospace has been focused on creating a great team with incredible talent and building meaningful relationships. We believe this focus will enable us to become a leading provider of solutions that enhance the capabilities of drones, air taxis, helicopters, and conventional passenger-carrying aircraft.  With our innovative technologies, we combine world-leading research and highly creative engineering to deliver autonomous solutions to critical problems. 


Flexibility is key
Before being a coworker, or an employee, we are all individuals with various backgrounds and unique stories. It is important to acknowledge different opinions, perspectives and beliefs. Only then will we be able to find the right solution to a specific problem, together. Staying open-minded is the key to a healthy working environment where everyone feels safe, heard, and appreciated.


The right mindset

Humbleness is a prized attitude in a team full of skilled and diverse people; the more we understand a subject, the better we see how little we actually know. We are willing to re-evaluate our own understanding at any time. At UBIQ, we believe that good communication does not only rely on your choice of words, but also on your attitude. Instead of trying to win arguments, we rather search for the truth together by combining everyone’s perspectives and knowledge. 


Trust breeds trust

Trust is our ally. We instill trust by doing what we say we will do, by meeting our obligations, and by living up to our responsibilities. We strive to create a working environment where everyone trusts each other to perform their duties to the best of their ability. In success or failure, no one is alone, the team will always have each other’s back. When a mistake is made, we own up to it and take responsibility, individually and as a team.


Shooting for the moon

We perform well when everything falls out in our favor, but we perform even better when everything crumbles. That’s the rough path of learning and growing, which we do together. Our goal is to always evolve and improve both as a team and individuals. We are eager to share and acquire new knowledge and believe anything can be achieved through focused and dedicated effort, with optimism as a foundation. In the end, team success is individual success. 

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