UBIQ Aerospace was founded on 29. November 2017. The core business is the development of innovative avionic solutions. UBIQ Aerospace is the exclusive provider of the proprietary and groundbreaking D•ICE technology, an autonomous ice protection solution for autonomous and unmanned aircraft.

The D•ICE technology encompasses a range of products, from hardware and software to services and support related to all aspects of fighting atmospheric in-flight icing problems.

The D•ICE solution was originally developed by world-leading research scientists at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), located in Trondheim, Norway. The project was initiated with core scientific research and development, which began in 2013 and included the involvement of the US Coast Guard, NASA, and the US Airforce. The first prototype of D•ICE flew in 2015 on Elmendorf Airforce Base in Anchorage, Alaska. This was the first flight of any ice protection solution for unmanned aircraft in the world. Ever since, D•ICE has been through a comprehensive test program, with regular wind tunnel and flight -tests.


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