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Meet the Team: Joachim Wallisch

Joachim Wallisch studied Aerospace Engineering in Stuttgart and moved to Trondheim 2020 to write his master’s thesis. He is now working part-time as Aerodynamics Engineer at UBIQ Aerospace while taking his PhD at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU.

What are you focusing on at UBIQ at the moment?

– Right now I’m mostly looking into the results we have from wind tunnel tests to see how our prototype works and what we need to improve.

What motivates you?

– I want to understand how things work. Not only accept that some things are as they are, but ask why it is so. I also want to contribute and help others and to do that I need to improve my skills.

How would you spend your ideal day off?

– Hanging out with friends and family, preferably outdoors in good weather. Sunny and 20 degrees is perfect.

Who’s your favourite Nobel prize winner?

– I really like this year’s physics prize winners, Klaus Hasselmann and Syukuro Manabe, who were awarded for their work on the influence of humans on climate change. It’s probably the most important topic of today and the coming decades.

If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

– In German we have this nice expression “innere Schweinehund”, “inner pig dog”, which means your inner laziness. My superpower would be being able to overcome this lack of motivation at any time. Too often I procrastinate and later regret because I could have spent the time so much better.

I see – so you’d be Motivation Man! Last question: Do you want to recommend a movie or TV series that you like?

– My all time favourite TV show is Scrubs. It’s a really good combination of comedy and drama and I feel like you can relate to all the characters. The movie I’ve seen the most times is Life of Brian, and no matter how often I see it I always laugh all the time.


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