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Meet the Team: Lars-Stephan Klein

Lars-Stephan Klein works as R&D Engineer at UBIQ Aerospace and is currently focusing on developing various sensors such as for icing detection. He holds a MSc in Applied Physics.

How did you start working at UBIQ?

– While doing my master’s in Freiburg in Germany I was also working for the Leibniz Institute with a project where we used drones. In 2020 I was in Svalbard for a holiday, and at a student party I heard about a guy who was doing cool stuff with drones. That was Richard (Lead Aerodynamics Engineer at UBIQ Aerospace). We started planning a research project together, which unfortunately hasn’t happened yet, but our meeting also led to me starting an internship at UBIQ in February 2021. Since September I've been working here full-time.

How do you like Trondheim?

– I love it. It's paradise for me. There’s water, mountains, beautiful nature, and it’s the perfect size for a city. I love it so much that people sometimes ask if I’m sponsored by Visit Trondheim.

How would you spend your ideal day off?

– By doing something new. I’m very curious and not the relaxing-on-the-sofa kind of guy. Currently I’m taking a boat driver’s license and I’m also trying to perfect my German cooking skills, learning to do flammkuchen and spätzle the way my grandma makes them.

Who’s your favourite Nobel prize winner?

– Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz, who discovered the first exoplanet around a different star. Until then we only knew about our own solar system and thought that we were something special. Their discovery really opened up a new perspective. It’s also interesting that what they did was not very technically complicated, but what was needed was a crazy amount of commitment and endurance.

Can you recommend a book that you like?

– Winter in Summer - Spring in Autumn, the autobiography of the former German president Joachim Gauck. He grew up in the GDR and writes about his struggle with the East German system and his fight for human rights and freedom.


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