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Meet the Team: Magnus Kolnes Oddstøl

At 22, Magnus Kolnes Oddstøl is one of our youngest team members. He first joined UBIQ Aerospace for a summer internship and is now working part-time as Embedded Systems Engineer while studying for a master’s degree in Electronic Systems Design at NTNU.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

– For the last three years I’ve been a part of a technical student organization called Shift Hyperloop. I think almost every skill I use at UBIQ daily I’ve learned through this organization.

What motivates you?

– Working on a cool project where I’m excited for the end product. And also the right amount of challenge: the work should not be too simple, but I like being able to see results without being stuck for months and months.

Who’s your favourite Nobel prize winner?

– Richard Feynman was one of the first Nobel laureates I heard about and was inspired by. We had a teacher at high school who showed us his lectures.

If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

– Selective mind-reading.

Can you recommend a book that you like right now?

– I like page-turner crime books, and I can recommend every book by the Swedish writer couple, pseudonym Lars Kepler. Their books are simple but they keep you wanting to read more and more.


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