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Meet the Team: Sondre Rokvam

Sondre Rokvam is working as Mechanical Engineer at UBIQ Aerospace while finishing his PhD at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

What’s your role at UBIQ Aerospace?

– I was hired because I have a lot of experience with composites. I focus on how to build stuff that has particular properties. At UBIQ I’m exploring different methods to build the products and rethinking the design choices.

How did you find your career path?

– The first time I touched epoxy was when I was working as a pool construction guy in Australia during my exchange year. Back in Norway I did a master’s in modeling of composites and continued with my PhD, where I have been designing and building a ship propeller that can adapt to changing conditions throughout each rotation.

What motivates you?

– The work process. My work starts with an abstract process but then I need to make the product become tangible and real. I feel like I’m between a craftsman, an engineer and a scientist. It’s cool to realize how well you can model reality in your head, understanding how to make similar models numerically , and how well you can create that model in reality.

Who’s your favourite Nobel prize winner?

– Niels Bohr, who received the Nobel prize in physics in 1922. He seems to have been a very interesting person. I would love to pick his brain, I think I would learn a lot about the world.

How would you spend your ideal day off?

– Right now: by cleaning my house… It’s just been a lot going on with work and my PhD these last weeks. Or rather, I would hire a cleaner for the house and go for a long walk with my dog Tyr.

If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?

– I like the concept of bending time. Not moving through time or stopping it, but just being able to slow it down a bit, add some extra seconds and minutes here and there.

Thank you Sondre! Last question: Can you recommend a book that you like?

– The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I think I’ve read it like 14 times – the end doesn’t change, though…

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