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The world’s first ice protection solution for UAS approved by the Norwegian Ministry of Defense

“Solving a problem thought unsolvable.”

Atmospheric icing has long been one of the greatest obstacles to UAS operations as most UAS platforms are designed for fair weather and warmer climates. While the theater of war moves toward colder climates, allied forces are in need of solutions that make UAS applications reliable in these challenging conditions.

May 30th, 2023, Trondheim, Norway. UBIQ Aerospace has successfully completed a demonstration of its proprietary autonomous ice protection solution, D•ICE, in collaboration with the Norwegian Ministry of Defense (MoD), the Norwegian Armed Forces, and the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment.

“We are impressed with UBIQ Aerospace's innovative solutions and their ability to tackle complex challenges like extreme cold weather and in-flight icing," says Staff Sergeant Jarle Mossing, UAS instructor, Norwegian Army Land Warfare Centre. "Their demonstration showcased some truly impressive capabilities, and we look forward to getting access to their solutions and applying them to our most pressing cold-weather challenges.”

The D•ICE solution consists of several modules that protect all icing-exposed aircraft components, enabling operations and sustained flight in potential and known icing conditions.

“D•ICE has been designed with the specific size, weight and power (SWaP) limitations of UAS in mind,” says Kasper Trolle Borup, Chief Technology Officer at UBIQ Aerospace, “I’m thrilled that we can now offer the world's lightest and most energy-efficient ice protection solution for all types and sizes of uncrewed and crewed aircraft. The D•ICE solution is truly autonomous; it is modular and can be fitted onto any flying platform. We are excited as we move into a new phase where we work with leading UAS providers to deploy D•ICE globally.”

The D•ICE solution will be flying with tactical UAS OEMs by the end of 2023 and deployed with NATO allied forces in 2024. Off-the-shelf solutions can be ordered now. Sign up here to be the first to know.

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