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UBIQ Aerospace cooperates with the Ministry of Defense to develop an ice protection system for UAVs

Updated: Jun 5, 2020


UBIQ Aerospace receives a NOK 11,9 million funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Defense for developing a complete ice protection system for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The cooperation is part of a NOK 91 million program for defense technology announced by the Ministry of Defense on May 18th 2020.

As part of the cooperation, UBIQ Aerospace will develop smart sensors and autonomous systems for the detection and elimination of ice on airframes, probes, and propellers of unmanned aircraft.

– In-flight icing on UAVs is perceived by many in the industry as an unsolvable problem, where consequences range from canceled operations to lost aircraft. Through years of research and development, we are solving the problem through the creation of technologies that will enable critical and lifesaving missions now and in the future. The partnership between UBIQ Aerospace and the Norwegian Ministry of Defense is a recognition of that work and of the impact our technologies will have on future UAV capabilities, said Kim Lynge Sørensen, founder, and CEO of UBIQ Aerospace.

In-flight icing is a severe risk for aircraft in general and for UAVs especially. Ice protection systems are essential for unleashing the full potential of UAVs and securing current and future applications.

UBIQ Aerospace is the exclusive provider of the groundbreaking D•ICE technology, an autonomous ice protection solution for unmanned aerial vehicles. Earlier this year, Maritime Robotics became the first company to use D•ICE after purchasing the solution for the PX-31 Falk, their customisable and arctic-capable UAV system.

In 2020, eight innovative technology projects have received funding through the program by the Norwegian Ministry of Defense. The total sum of the program was increased this year from NOK 71 million to NOK 91 million and the Ministry is planning a further increase to NOK 116 million next year.


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