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UBIQ Aerospace Secures NOK 9.1 Million Grant for Ice Protection Technology in Zero-Emission Aircraft

UBIQ Aerospace has been awarded a 9.1 million NOK research grant from the Norwegian Research Council. This will support our pioneering project aimed at developing viable ice protection for the zero-emission aircraft of the future.

- Norway must quickly adopt efficient new technology to establish an environmentally friendly and safe transport system by 2050. The projects now receiving funding are leading the way and align with what we, along with the Research Council, aim to achieve," says Minister of Transport Jon-Ivar Nygård.

Icing is a critical challenge in aviation, not just in colder climates like Norway. As we transition to greener energy sources, developing effective solutions is key. At UBIQ Aerospace, we're committed to leading this change, ensuring a safe and sustainable aviation future.

Read the full press release (in norwegian):


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