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UBIQ Aerospace and Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® Explore High North Aerospace Innovation

Trondheim, Oct 19 — UBIQ Aerospace, a leading innovator in cold weather and ice protection technologies, is thrilled to announce a project with Skunk Works®, the renowned advanced development organization within Lockheed Martin Corporation. The two companies will explore synergies to shape the next generation of aircraft capable of operating in extreme climates, with a focus on solving the defense needs of Norway and its allies.

“This is a significant milestone for UBIQ,” said Kasper Trolle Borup, Chief Technology Officer at UBIQ Aerospace. “We are excited to provide expertise and solutions to enhance Skunk Works’ existing renowned capabilities in advanced aerospace development as part of our shared vision of reshaping the future of aerospace technology.”

Skunk Works, a pioneering organization with a storied history of breakthroughs, including the SR-71 Blackbird and the F-117 Nighthawk, continues to lead the way in aerospace innovation. Skunk Works expertise in developing next-generation aircraft technologies aligns with UBIQ Aerospace’s mission to create cutting-edge solutions for the industry’s ever-evolving needs.

“Skunk Works has a long history of innovation and incorporating cutting-edge technologies into our systems”, explained Atherton Carty, Vice President of Business Development at Skunk Works, “this project with UBIQ is part of an initiative to add unique capabilities to our systems through expanded relationships with specialized industry suppliers. As Skunk Works celebrates 80 years of innovation, we continue to develop solutions that keep our customers ahead of ready, including the creation of distinct solutions for operation in the high North. Leveraging the expertise of suppliers that specialize in this region is a key enabler for us to support our customers’ mission needs.”


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