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UBIQ Aerospace to collaborate on EU Defence Project and conduct tests in the world's largest IWT

Photo: © RTA

Trondheim, August 10th – UBIQ Aerospace is excited to announce its participation in the groundbreaking European Defence project, Tactical Drones in Rain and Icing Conditions (TDRIC). This collaborative effort, valued at a total of 4 million EUR, involves several international partners and is funded by the European Defence Fund.

As part of this ambitious project, UBIQ will conduct full-scale testing of their D•ICE Ice Protection System at the RTA Icing wind tunnel in Vienna, the biggest of its kind. The most severe icing conditions can be replicated here, and the D•ICE system will be tested to its utmost capabilities.

"By participating in this collaborative effort and conducting rigorous testing in the RTA wind tunnel, we aim to further showcase and validate the D•ICE system's capabilities." said Dr. Richard Hann, Lead Aerodynamics Engineer at UBIQ Aerospace. "This project serves as a crucial stepping stone towards enhancing drone defense applications by ensuring their reliability in areas and conditions previously unavailable to UAVs.”

In addition to the testing phase, UBIQ will collaborate closely with prominent European drone manufacturers to conduct concept studies on the application of Ice Protection Systems (IPS) to various drone types involved in the project.

UBIQ's participation in this project aims not only to refine their own technology but also to contribute to the overall progress of UAV defense applications. By demonstrating the capabilities of the D•ICE system and fostering collaborations with European drone manufacturers, UBIQ seeks to pave the way for safer and more efficient drone defense operations in adverse weather conditions.

The TDRIC project is scheduled to commence in Q1 2024 and extend over a 3-year period.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Dr. Richard Hann

Lead Aerodynamics engineer

UBIQ Aerospace


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