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UBIQ Aerospace and Insitu launch project to optimize the Integrator UAS for the Arctic

Insitu’s Integrator™ Unmanned Aircraft System.
Insitu’s Integrator™ Unmanned Aircraft System.

Trondheim, Norway, Oct 28, 2021 – UBIQ Aerospace and Insitu, Inc. are initiating a project to optimize

Insitu’s Integrator™ Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) for the challenging environment of the Arctic and

High North.

The project will enable the Integrator UAS to operate during atmospheric icing conditions by incorporating

UBIQ Aerospace’s D•ICE™ solution, an autonomous, electrothermal system optimized for the size,

weight, and power (SWAP) available on small, tactical UAS. Once complete, the Integrator equipped with

D•ICE will be the first tactical UAS capable of operating routinely in known icing conditions.

Atmospheric icing has long been one of the great inhibitors to UAS operations because most UAS

platforms are designed for warmer climates and lack the SWAP for traditional anti-icing or de-icing


According to Kim Lynge Sørensen, UBIQ Aerospace co-founder and CEO, “Our objective is to make the

Integrator UAS operationally available even during the cold weather conditions experienced in Northern

Europe and the Northern- and Arctic Seas. We will achieve such weather robustness by integrating our

proprietary D•ICE technology into one of the most proven UAS on the planet.”

Dave Funkhouser, Insitu’s Director of International Business Development, adds: “Insitu has several

NATO and NORDEFCO customers who need UAS that can operate year-round in the Arctic and High

North. Whether in Alaska, Andøya, or anywhere in-between, this project will make it possible, and we’re

thrilled to be working with an innovative Norwegian company such as UBIQ Aerospace.”

The Integrator UAS is a runway-independent, NATO Class I UAS with an 18-kilogram payload capacity

and a maximum takeoff weight of nearly 75 kilograms. It can operate on land and ships and features a

modular construction that simplifies maintenance and enables payloads to be easily swapped between

missions. The Integrator offers more than 24 hours of endurance, depending on the payload configuration

and environmental conditions. Insitu has delivered more than 50 systems to customers around the globe.

The project begins in November 2021 with a comprehensive study of the Integrator UAS that will “provide

insights related to cold weather vulnerabilities and reveal optimal design options for ice protection,”

according to Astrid Myckland Stevik, UBIQ Aerospace’s project manager for the effort.

About UBIQ Aerospace

UBIQ Aerospace provides solutions that enhance the capabilities of UAS and Advanced Air Mobility

(AAM) aircraft. Potential icing or visible moisture conditions will no longer be a cause for canceling critical

operations. UBIQ Aerospace has created the revolutionary D•ICE autonomous ice protection solutions

that allow for aircraft operations in possible and known icing conditions. We offer these capabilities for

defense, and commercial OEMs focused on UAS and AAM aircraft. To learn more,

visit, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Insitu

With offices in the U.S., U.K., and Australia, Insitu creates and supports unmanned systems and software

technology that deliver end-to-end solutions for collecting, processing, and managing sensor data. To

date, our systems have accumulated more than 1.3 million flight hours. Insitu is a wholly-owned

subsidiary of The Boeing Company.

For more information, visit



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